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The history of DEMO: An experiment in regeneration harvest of northwestern forest ecosystems. Northwest Science 73:3-11.

Outstanding Scientists

The Outstanding Scientist award is presented by the NWSA to scientists that have made significant contributions to science in northwestern North America. (This new webpage is under construction. Please be patient as we populate information on our many Outstanding Scientists).

To nominate recipients of the Outstanding Scientist award, please visit Nominate A Scientist or Life Member

 Year Recipient
 1961 Homer J. Dana
 1961 C.P. Ross
 1961 A.L. Anderson 
 1966 R.A.V. Raff 
 1967 Grace Howard 
 1967 E.S.E. Hafez 
 1968 Mark F. Adams 
 1968 E. Roy Tinney 
 1968 J. Hoover Mackin 
 1969 Helen Gilkey 
 1969 C. Leo Hitchcock 
 1970 Jerry Franklin 
 1970 Stanley Williamson 
 1970 Vladmiir Krajina 
 1970 Rexford Daubenmire 

 Luther S. Cressman 

 1971 Stanley P. Gessel 
 1971 Thomas M.C. Taylor 
 1972 Orlin Biddulph 
 1974 Maurice T. James 
 1976 Walles T. Edmondson 
 1977 Ewart M. Baldwin 
 1977 Richard D. Daugherty 
 1978 Jack D. Rogers 
 1979 Peter Misch 
 1980 Irvin O. Buss 
 1981 Richard Walker 
 1984 Te May Ching 
 1988 M.A. Radwan 
 1989 Richard Waring 
 1991 James Trappe 
 1992 Arthur R. Kruckeberg 
 2016 Charlie Crisafulli
 2019 Dr. Brian Atwater

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