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The history of DEMO: An experiment in regeneration harvest of northwestern forest ecosystems. Northwest Science 73:3-11.

Highlights from 2017- Ashland, Oregon

       complete  2017 Program & Abstracts


* About 130 people attended!  Photos at bottom of this page


* Our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Susan Harrison spoke on

        "Klamath-Siskiyou Plant Diversity: Patterns, Causes, & A Historical Perspective"


* 8 Symposia & Technical Sessions produced 42 oral presentations:            

  •  Mixed Severity Fire & the Effects on Biodiversity 
  •  Lichen Ecology     
  •  Woodland / Savannah Ecosystems: Diversity, Management, & Restoration    
  •  Ecology
  •  Aquatic Systems
  •  Protecting Diversity in Northwest National Parks    
  •  Historic Landscapes of the Klamath Province
  •  Northern California Lichenology    

* Student Workshop "Best Practices for Submitting & Publishing Manuscripts for Scientific Journals"


* Workshop "Biodiversity of White Oak Dwelling Lichens & Bryophytes" 

                       presented by Northwest Lichenologists


* 21 Poster Presentations....see the Winners of the Best Posters!


Banquet with fine dining, interesting conversation, and our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Pepper Trail

      speaking on "Fighting Wildlife Crime with Science: The Casebook of a Forensic Biologist"


* 3 Field Trips:  

  • Lichens & Mosses of Sampson Creek Preserve
  • Oak and Chaparral Restoration & Endemic Plants of Lower Table Rock
  • Asland Watershed Restoration                                                       


Department of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math, Southern Oregon University

American Association for the Advancement of Science-Pacific Division

Northwest Lichenologists

 California Lichen Society  


20 photo(s) Updated on: 19 May 2017
  • Lizard at the Sampson Creek Preserve, Northwest Lichenologist Field Trip.
  • Umbilicaria phaea var. coccinea lichen at the Sampson Creek Preserve field trip.
  • White Oak Landscape
  • White Oak Landscape
  • White Oak Landscape
  • Symposium
  • Symposium
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