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The history of DEMO: An experiment in regeneration harvest of northwestern forest ecosystems. Northwest Science 73:3-11.

Wednesday March 28, 2018 

Buying Time - 
 Adapting to Climate Change in the Northwest 

presented by Dr. David Peterson & Invited Guest Speakers          



  Dave Peterson is emeritus Senior Research 

  Biologist with the U.S. Forest Service Pacific

  Northwest Research Station, and Professor in 

  the University of Washington School of 

  Environmental and Forest Sciences. His

  research has focused on fire ecology, subalpine

  forest ecology, effects of environmental stress

  on tree growth, and effects of climate change

  on forest ecosystems.  The author of 220

  scientific articles, he recently published the

  books, Climate Change and United States

  Forests and Climate Change and Rocky Mountain

  Ecosystems.  As a contributing author for the

  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, he

  was a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. 

  Since 1990 he has been a NWSA member and

  formerly served as the Northwest Science

  editor.  Currently, he works on climate change

  adaptation on federal lands throughout the West.  He resides on his family's tree farm in Skagit

  County, Washington.

Plenary Session 

Buying Time - Adapting to Climate Change in the Northwest


We will focus on the progress made to reduce potential negative effects of climate change on our natural resources in northwestern North America.  Significant progress has been made in assessing the effects of climate change, and implementation of climate-informed management and planning is now moving forward.  Recent examples of successful on-the-ground adaptation demonstrate that the organizational capacity to respond to climate change is increasing.  This provides optimism that we can retain functionality in our aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.


keynote     Function Over Form:  Sustainability and Natural Resources in a Warmer World 

                    David L. Peterson, U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station


                Preparing Our Infrastructure for a New Hydrologic Cycle

                 Ronda Strauch, University of Washington, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering


                Restoration and Refugia for Salmonids in a Warmer World

                     Dan Isaak, USFS, Rocky Mountain Research Station


                Keeping Water in the Mountains: Beavers to the Rescue

                      Michael Pollock, NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center


                Panel Discussion with the Audience

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